RealTalk Dictionary: Collaborate

Through the RealTalk Dictionary, Palaver members try to understand words that we often use, but that can sometimes seem to lack real meaning. Today’s installment is “collaborate”.





Palaver’s existence wouldn’t be possible without use of the verb collaborate. In every facet of our organization, members join forces to make decisions, find solutions, all in the aim to make art that we all believe in. Day in and day out, rain or shine, we as a family come together to find our truth in an art form that we wish to revitalize and sustain in our society.

Just like any family we have our ups and downs when it comes to working together on a daily basis. Sometimes we yell, sass, argue, act passive aggressively and then moments later we will be hugging, smiling and laughing together. No member of Palaver has to walk the road alone. There is always someone there or all of us there to help with the task of figuring out the program order for an upcoming concert or deciding on which tempo to take at one of the Lebhafter sections in Schoenberg’s Verklarte Nacht.

One of the things I love about Palaver is the fact that you can always rely on a plethora of opinions for pretty much anything music related. This group is never short of ideas. Even when one member may feel like their idea is the only way, we manage to take the time to try various ideas before coming up with a final plan. We find ways to meld our musical ideas to create the product or experience that is the true essence of Palaver.

A big part of the Palaver mission is to join forces with members of the community whether they be artists, intellects, community builders or people that simply have room in their hearts to love. It’s an amazing process when we work with others outside of our own niche to create something new. This fall it’s been wonderful working with Boston based artist, Ashley Zipp. She has opened up an entire new dimension to what our audiences experience in our shows. Her work serves as inspiration to all of the musicians of Palaver, and our musical perspectives in turn serve her.

I’m always amazed and inspired when we come together to work as a group. We can close the doors to our chaotic and stressful days to share within a common space to work jointly as a unit to create meaningful music. Everyone’s individual voice is important as we create a singular vision. It’s a joy to be part of this group as we are all working together for a common goal. I’m so glad to be part of this labor of love.