BU Art Gallery Concert - Small Hours

  • BU Art Gallery at the Stone Gallery 855 Commonwealth Ave Boston, MA, 02215 United States

Everything is surreal. Memories appear in disjointed spurts. Time speeds up and whizzes past, and then suddenly stops on a dime, leaving me suspended in a moment of clarity. Emotions that seem like small change in the daylight burst forth and rage into the night. Nothing can be contained. I’m ruled by impulse. Time’s mad flow alternates between unbelievably fast and incredibly slow. I’m walking along a road. I’m dancing in a huge crowd. I’m alone, looking into the mirror and questioning. I black out into troubled dreams.

Arnold Schoenberg Verklarte Nacht
J.S. Bach Ciaccone
Bjork Black Lake

There is a suggested donation of $10.

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Image by Ashley Zipp

October 31
'Round Midnight
November 14
Small Hours