Boston Medical Center

Palaver Strings believes that music is an integral part of our social and emotional wellbeing, and we are committed to making music more accessible to people of all walks of life in our community. This season, Palaver will widen the circle of the palaver hut to engage patients, families, doctors, and staff at the Boston Medical Center, sharing of ourselves and finding connection through music.

Boston Medical Campus Residency

Palaver will be working closely with the Boston Medical Center (BMC) to strengthen an atmosphere of healing, peace, and community at the center. Members of Palaver Strings will engage the patients, family, doctors, and staff of BMC through intimate discussions and performances that will take place at least once a month in each unit of the medical center. By performing at BMC, we can reach people for whom the therapeutic power of music is most meaningful and transformative–those who are going through difficult times and those who care for them.

Lullaby Projectread more here >>

Through Carnegie Hall’s Lullaby Project, Palaver worked with three mothers- Erina, Maria, and Shana - at BMC to write and record personal lullabies for their babies. Our goal is to create an honest musical statement together that deepens the loving bond between parent and child.

Lullaby Project 2016 Recordings: