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Palaver Music Center



Palaver Music Center seeks to generate a love of music, foster creativity, and hold space for shared dialogue with people from diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.


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About Palaver Music Center


         A few years ago we noticed something. Some of our most profound musical experiences were happening beyond the concert hall - in hospitals, daycares, classrooms, restaurants, yoga studios. We realized more and more how fulfilling and inspiring it was to not only to perform for our community but with our community. We felt the need to create something that was true to the meaning of our name -  to hold space for dialogue and creativity through the power of music in a direct and personal way.

As Palaver embarks on its first official year in residence in Portland, Maine, we are excited to launch the Palaver Music Center (PMC), a space that will encompass and connect all of our education and community engagement activities. It will offer holistic musical experiences and education from birth through adulthood through many interactive programs.