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Early Childhood Music



About the Palaver’s Early Childhood Music Programs


       Palaver’s Early Childhood Music (ECM) classes are offered at five trusted local child care organizations across Portland: The Opportunity Alliance Bayside Anchor, East End and Parkside Head Start sites, Youth and Family Outreach, and the Jewish Community Alliance. Palaver offers music classes once a week to children 0-4 throughout the entire school year while building relationships with young families. It is our goal to invite families from these Early Childhood Music classes to join our strings programs when they reach age four or five.


These music classes are based on Music Learning Theory developed by Edwin Gordon which is the basic idea that children learn music best through informal, exploratory experiences, just like they learn how to speak their first language. Classes include songs, chants, call and response games, one-on-one interaction, improvisation, and tactile activities with scarves, beanbags, shakers and parachutes.