Palaver Strings enriches lives by sharing music with diverse audiences in and beyond the concert hall.

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         Palaver Strings is a musician-led string ensemble and nonprofit organization founded in 2014 by young musicians in the Boston area. Palaver has performed at the Kennedy Center, Bay Chamber Concerts, the Hammond Concert Series, a celebration of the Lullaby Project at Carnegie Hall, and has toured the East and West Coasts of the United States. This fall Palaver will begin its second season as Ensemble in Residence at the Boston Center for the Arts and continue its longstanding residency at Bay Chamber Concerts in Rockport, ME. 




          As a musician-led ensemble, Palaver is driven by collaborative processes, through which its Co-Artistic Directors share musical and administrative leadership. While each member of the ensemble brings unique experiences to the table, they share a passion for taking classical music beyond the concert hall to engage with new and diverse audiences. In these personal and unconventional settings, Palaver uses music to address social issues, promote education and healing, and inspire peers and community to support the arts.  

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What does our name mean?
Where does it come from?


Our name, "Palaver," comes from the term "palaver hut," a place of discussion and conflict resolution in Liberia. In our early days as an ensemble, we gave benefit concerts for the Liberian Education Fund and became familiar with and inspired by the term "palaver," as we are a diverse group of individuals seeking to come to a creative agreement when we make music. "Palaver" has remained central to our vision as we expand our outlook to other social causes.

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