Palaver Strings enriches lives by sharing music with diverse audiences in and beyond the concert hall

Palaver Strings, a musician-led string orchestra, was formed in 2014 by a group of young musicians from the Boston area dedicated to the collaborative interpretation of masterworks of the classical repertoire. Each member of Palaver Strings is passionate about taking classical music beyond the concert hall to engage with diverse and new audiences. It is in this personal and unconventional setting that Palaver Strings is able to use music to aid the discussion of social issues, promote education and healing, and inspire our peers and community to support the arts. To put it simply, Palaver Strings offers the experience of live music as a way to enrich our personal lives and connect our communities.

Where does the group's name come from? What does it mean?
Our name, "Palaver," comes from the term "palaver hut," which is a small, circular hut that is used as a place of discussion and conflict resolution in Liberia. Since an early version of Palaver Strings gave benefit concerts for the Liberian Education Fund, we became familiar with and inspired by the term "palaver" when applied to our group as we are a diverse group of individuals seeking to come to a creative agreement when we make music. "Palaver" has remained central to our vision as we expand our outlook to other social causes.



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Stats (per week)

160 hours of practice.

4 hours of rehearsal.

10,000 emails written.

600 smiles smiled.

10 meetings met.

14 burritos eaten.